Icons! (And Winning Banners)


I tried to do a few more to go with this post, but nothing I seemed to do felt…worthy? to go with these two icons.
Submitted for the stillness_storm week 42 contest (theme: Believe):


Feel free to use these, but the standard rules apply:
Comments are nice, credit is necessary.
How to credit -

Do not alter; do not [...]

Small Icon Dump


More graphics from me, I know.
Just a note, I did notice I missed a page from the calendar, so I will be scanning that and posting it sometime within the next week or so when I do my next batch of scanning ^___^
Icon Rules
-x- do not claim as your own or alter
-x- do not hot [...]

Site Theme


I’m currently testing out new site themes at the moment, so please be patient if it changes on you suddenly. The categories have been updated to be more general, but all of the posts and content are still available
EDIT: The site update is COMPLETE, including a new banner for the site.